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In action

Tailboard Talk, a 4th shift Fitcast - Advice for Imposters w/ Nate Palin and Hunter Schurrer


Tactical Nutrition and performance Podcast - Strength with Hunter Schurrer

Art of Coaching Podcast, Episode 92: Hunter Schurrer - May 2020


NSCA Annual Tactical Conference - 8/22/19

Sam Matte

3rd Annual Alpha Invite - 3/23/19

Coach Hunter Presenting - 

"Weightlifting Variations and Substitutions - Sport or Training Tool?"

Snatch - 71 kg - PR

Clean and Jerk - 92 kg - PR

Great day going 4-6 with a 163 PR Total

NSCA’s Coaching Podcast, Episode 51: Hunter Schurrer - April 2019

The Movement Fix Podcast, Episode 58: Hunter Schurrer - July 2017

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Click on the image above to check it out

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