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training programs

The Performance Syndicate training programs are built on scientific principles and sweat from years of experience. Each program is built for different athletes in mind.  Whether you are in the military, training for your job or training in general to stay fit and athletic, there is a program for you.  Don't just follow an online program, join the community that is The Performance Syndicate.  

All of the online teams and individual programs are delivered by Train Heroic, a high level mobile app that delivers your programming, exercise demo videos and tracking right to your phone and fingertips.

Ultimate Transformation Coaching
  • The ultimate in training and transformation experience and results. An all inclusive program including physical, nutritional, integrative health coaching, and fitness concierge services rolled up into one.


Currently Accepting Clients - Referral Only. For questions please message Coach Hunter.

The High Performance Project
  • Coaching sessions and training is designed for the individual.

  • Training Schedule: Custom

  • Average Session Duration: Custom

  • Features: Access to The Performance Syndicate online community and check-ins, Weekly Group Zoom Calls, Nutritional Guidance and programming, and custom exercise programming.


Currently Accepting Clients - For questions on how to get started, please message me.

Tactical Athlete Programming
  • If you are in special operations, the military, law enforcement or a first responder or you would just like to train like you are, then this is the program for you.  Continuous monthly programming geared towards today's modern warfighter and those who make a difference and keep us safe here at "home."

  • Training Schedule: 4-6 Sessions a week (depending on training cycle)

  • Average Session Duration: 60-90 min.

  • Price: $29 per month or $290 per year. 

Athletic Bodybuilding Programming
  • If you are looking to train like an athlete but also look the part, then this is the program for you. Continuous monthly programming geared towards those who are are looking to not only perform at a high level athletically but look great as well.

  • Training Schedule: 4-6 sessions a week (depending on training cycle).

  • Average Session Duration: 60-75 min

  • Price: $29 per month or $290 per year.

TPS Olympic weightlifting Programming
  • A developmental training program for the greatest sport in the world! This is continuous monthly programming geared towards those looking to improve their performance in the sport of weightlifting with the snatch and clean & jerk. 

  • Training Schedule: 4-5 sessions a week (depending on training cycle).

  • Average Session Duration: 75-90 min

  • Price: $29 per month or $290 per year.

Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) Training Plan
  • If your goal is to crush the Army ACFT, then this is the program for you! This is a one time purchase program you will be able to use over and again to prepare you for your testing. 

  • Training Schedule: 12 weeks, 5 sessions a week.

  • Average Session Duration: 60-75 min

  • Features: Even though it is a one time purchase, it is percentage and test based off the individual so it adjust to you personally and can be reused before every test to meet you where you are physically.

  • Price: $99

Bodyweight Plan
  • If you are looking to train but do not have access to any equipment or a gym, then this is the program for you.  A one time purchase of a 4 week program that you can do anywhere without a single piece of equipment needed. 

  • Training Schedule: 5 sessions a week

  • Average Session Duration: Less than 45 min

  • Features: Unlimited video analysis and feedback.

  • Price: $15.

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