Nice bra! It's a harness, but thanks for noticing.

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

I found myself laughing, way too hard, by myself, in the bathroom, as I sent a video of dirty laundry to the rest of the staff I work with.

Anything for some performance data.

At the special operations unit I have called home for almost 10 years we have had a big week full of things we are doing from a training perspective and for the overall care of our people. One of those pieces has been a wearable device that strongly resembles what some might say looks like a sports bra. It's not, it's a harness, so grow up. But let's be honest, it looks like a sports bra for men. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The information we can gather from these devices is enormous and is providing us with as many questions as they answer. To learn, grow and bounce ideas off each other of what we can do to continue to improve for the unit, is half the fun and leaves me loving the job and the people I get to work with and for, all the more.

Back to the laundry...despite all the things we have at our disposal, a washing machine isn't one of them. We explored numerous options on how we would take care of these harnesses as they need to be cleaned daily. Long story short, we concluded that until a permanent solution was established, for us to execute this we would need to take them home and wash them ourselves. So here I am, laughing to myself about hanging up harnesses for special operations soldiers in my bathroom, joking about how "this is what freedom smells like."

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