The Anti-Prescription for Supplements

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

This is a quick blurb about supplements, but not in the sense that you might be hoping for. I know, set the disappointing tone early, right? So, let’s answer the obvious question first; Protein, Creatine, Omega 3. Those are the supplements I take, and those are the supplements that are generally useful and safe for a majority of the population of first responders and tactical oriented people. Any respectable or responsible professional will tell you that beyond those, a personalized blood panel is the best way to determine any deficiencies or needs and that the trial-and-error method can only get you so far. With that out of the way, what will the rest of this be about? Well, it’s about how to bake a cupcake.

The reason I like those three supplements is also the reason they’re not the most heavily marketed or most recognizable; they work. The caveat is that they work with long term commitment and consistency. Like most of the un-sexy things in our lives their overwhelmingly positive effects are noticeable, but only when looking at a trend of months and years. That is also why they don’t receive nearly the attention that the acute effects of other supplements do. You know what I’m talking about. The pump, the flush, the jitters, the marsupial pupils.

Those other supplements also cross a very interesting line with many first responders. They cross the line from supplement, to medication. And I mean that less in the literal sense of a prescription, and more in the figurative sense in that so many people feel as if they just cannot function without them. Typically, when these are in short supply there is an even higher level of frustration and anxiety than the diabetic who runs out of their insulin, or the epileptic who runs out of their Depakote.

And to be fair, this mentality is evergreen. I still remember being at a globo-gym facility back in the day and hearing the broscience highlight reels around me. Granted I was deep in the world of the bro also. But, as a 130lb, 5’6” senior in high school, I was more involved in the mega-gainer shakes and ice cream, peanut butter, protein, blender concoctions. Nevertheless, one late night a bro made the mistake of talking about how hungry he was at the beginning of the workout. The group he was with literally shamed him into leaving and going to McDonalds t